Residential Roof Maintenance Tips for the Spring Months

It’s springtime, which means that it’s time to tidy up your place. Clear up some space by getting rid of things that have cluttered your storage space. This includes your attic. But what about the thing that’s above your attic? Yes, your roof. You want to make sure that it’s going to be in the best shape when summer rolls around. That’s partly because of esthetics and partly because you know that residential roof maintenance is important to getting it prepared for things like possible heavy thunderstorms and even hail.

What is Residential Roofing?

When someone says they are going to hire contractors to do residential roofing, that means that they are getting people who are used to working on homes that have steep angles. Commercial properties have flat surfaces, for the most part. They also tend to use different tiles. Make sure that the people you’re hiring are able to work on these types of roofs. Otherwise, that maintenance work is going to turn into your having to hire people to fix the work that was supposed to be done correctly the first time, which isn’t fun for your bank account.

When people look at roofs, they may have a misconception about what they are actually made up of. It’s not just roofing material over a board. No, you could compare a roof to an onion. It’s got so many different layers to it. That’s why you should have professionals do roof maintenance – they know what the layers are, how one area can affect another, and how to handle things so that they don’t get worse. The maintenance can keep a lower layer from getting too rotten and damaging the upper layers.

Some Roofs May Need More Maintenance Than Others

This is especially true if you have a concrete tile roof. While it can be durable, concrete is also porous. That means that water gets in easily, which could make it a breeding ground for mold and other things that could negatively impact the looks of your roof. You can have residential roof maintenance done — the workers will use a special sealant that keeps moisture out, much like you would have your driveway worked on, too. That way, if you did elect to go with concrete over something like metal or slate, you can get a good value out of it instead of having to constantly have it cleaned.

Do some research on the roofing materials. See which ones will work for you. Some of them are heavier than others, which can mean additional work needing to be done to shore up the overall structure of the roof to allow it to support the weightier materials. Some materials also need more delicate care when someone is performing maintenance on them. Ceramic tiles can crack if someone walks on them, for example. Also, some can present a more complex thing for a roof installer. Then you’ll be

Hire the Best Professionals

Your roof is extremely important. In fact, it could be said that it’s the most important part of your home. That’s why you want to hire the best roofing contractors possible. You should feel confident that they are going to do the best job for the very best price. Make sure that the people that are going to do the residential roof maintenance are the most qualified. There are a few things that you should pay attention to:

You want to make sure that the people from the roofing service are licensed and insured. Also, ask them if the employees are going to be doing the work — you don’t want them to send subcontractors. They should be clear about what they are charging. You should make sure that there are no hidden charges. Read some reviews and see what previous customers of theirs are saying. That will make you feel much more confident when hiring them. Now that we’ve gone over that, we can talk about the tips:

Tip: Check the State of the Roof

The first thing you want to do is have the contractor inspect the state of the roof installation, especially if it’s a newer roof. You might have just recently bought your home and want to see that everything is properly installed. Residential roof maintenance can do that. They will look at how the tiles are laid out and if there’s any possibility that any of them will fall off even if there’s no bad weather. Then they can make sure to fix that so that you don’t have to have any major repair work done, including anything for water damage due to the tiles falling off.

You can also look to see if other things damaged your roof. You might have had an early spring hailstorm, so you want to check for any roofing hail damage. If you have strong materials, like metal, this is less of a concern, but if you have asphalt, you want to make sure you get shingles with a high impact rating, if you can. That way, you can be a lot more confident when the hail is coming down.

Tip: Check For Water Damage Inside

Water damage can be devastating for your home. It allows mold to grow and also weakens the structure of your home. There are a lot of different signs to look out for, including your walls becoming discolored. If you don’t have it taken care of quickly, then the mold can cause problems with your health, including watery eyes and asthma. If you hire a metal roofer, this will be less of a problem, since it’s better at keeping water out than asphalt shingles.

If it turns out that the water damage is extensive, and you have a lot of mold, then you can hire a mold remediation service. If it turns out that the roof is the culprit, then you can have a roof installer come by. Having someone perform regular maintenance on your roof, though, can help them spot the potential for leaks that could lead to water damage. Don’t put it off, even if you have a metal roof. It’s better to be cautious and not have any issues than not and wind up having to pay a lot more in the future.

Tip: Check Your Gutters

The fall and the winter can be tough on your gutters. Leaves fall onto your roof and then any water that runs down the roof can get backed up. Then, when the winter comes along with its freezing temperatures, you’re running the risk of that water then freezing and expanding. Just like with your pipes, that freezing water could cause damage to the gutters, and the weight could pull them off to the side. You should have someone come take a look at your gutters as part of the residential roof maintenance.

As part of the maintenance, you could even see about putting gutter guards on. That way, you can reduce the chances of future problems. It depends on what your budget is like, though. Talk with professionals to see what options you have. Then you can work with what you have.

Tip: Trim Your Trees

Remember how we just mentioned your gutters being filled with things? If you have trees near your home, especially ones that are hanging over the roof, that’s a prime chance for the branches to break when it’s windy due to them hitting the house. Those branches can damage the tiles and wind up in your gutter. You can be vigilant and have the tree trimmed by a professional.

On the other hand, if you’re worried about one of your big trees falling and hitting your roof — which would cause a lot of damage, you’re better off having the professionals remove it. They can inspect the tree, the state of the roots, its health, and determine how much of a risk it is, then they can take it away, which would make you breathe a sigh of relief.

Tip: Check Your Fascia Board and Flashing

Take a look at the wooden or metal board that you see under your roof. That’s the fascia board, and it protects your trusses and rafters. The flashing is a material that is between the roof, chimney, and valleys. The first one you could do yourself by walking under your roof. The second one is better checked by a professional, since they will probably have to walk on the roof. Again, it’s a matter of experience. These are both things that keep water out of your home, so you need to have them fixed if something goes wrong.

While it’s a smart idea to let the professionals handle things like roof maintenance — they are the ones who are insured, so if they get hurt or if they cause damage to your house, the insurance will pay for it — you can still do some things to ensure that your roof is in a good state. The best thing is to walk around your place maybe once a week and see if you notice anything amiss with your roof. This depends on the weather being good enough. Trekking around in heavy snow isn’t the best use of your time.

Other Things You Can Do

There’s another part of the roof that you should check — the insulation. This is important when it comes to keeping out cold air during the winter and hot air during the summer. If the insulation is old or thin, then you can have a professional come install new insulation. This way, your air conditioner or heater won’t have to work as hard, which will also lead to savings on your energy bill.

Look around your roof for signs of discoloration. This is also a sign that it’s getting older, and doing residential roof maintenance won’t be as effective as getting a new roof. While you might be able to replace a couple of discolored shingles, if there are a lot of them, then you’re just better off replacing it. Then you’ll be able to start the timer again for the 25 years or more that you’ll have before you need to replace it again.

It can be easy to get caught up with so many other parts of your life that you forget about the roof above your head. You don’t want a disaster to be the main reminder that you should pay attention to it. Instead, you should always make a point of taking a look at it. Be vigilant about the interior. Check the attic regularly. If you see signs, like light streaming in through the roof, then that means there’s an issue with it. Have a professional come check to assess the extent of the damage.

Having residential roof maintenance done regularly can keep your roof looking nice for a lot longer than if you left it alone. Usually, when they do maintenance, it includes a full inspection, which can reveal a lot of different issues. If those issues are dire ones, like if you see your roof sagging, then it’s a good idea to use a roof replacement service, which can then get you a much better return on your investment. That’s because if you get a metal or slate roof, you could raise the sale price — the buyer will be thrilled to get such a durable and energy-efficient roof, especially if you get high-end roofing materials.

The best time to have someone from roofing businesses come do residential roof maintenance is when the weather is mild. That means you might have to schedule these things in advance, because the closer to the time you want, the more people will be trying to hire these same workers. So, if you can lock them in for the same time each year, you’re going to be in good shape and have a lot less stress. That will make it worth it for you.