Do You Need to Hire Sewer Repair Services?

When it comes to fixing a broken sewer pipe, it’s vital not to break anything while you’re at it. Professional sewer repair services use a fancy camera that can see inside pipes. It helps look for cracks, roots, or anything else that may be blocking the water flow.

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Using the camera, they can find roots in the pipe and check whether they’re causing a clog.

Before fixing the pipe, they must clean it. They use a special tool that scrapes the inside of the pipe and wash away any debris. Then, they get to the fun part, fixing the pipe. Instead of digging up your whole house, they use a special liner. Imagine a long polyester sock you put inside your old pipe. They soak this sock in a special hardening mixture, then push it down the pipe.

Once it’s in place, they inflate it like a balloon and let it sit for a bit inside the sock. It presses against the inside of the old pipe. After a couple of hours, the sock hardens into a new pipe lining the inside of your old broken one. And voilà. Your pipe gets fixed without any fuss.

But if you like doing things the old-fashioned way, you can do that too. They can yank out the old pipe and slap in a new one. No fuss, no muss. Those pesky roots that were causing all the trouble will be gone. With the new pipe in place, water flows smoothly, and there are no more blockages. Whether you’re into high-tech solutions or good old-fashioned plumbing know-how, you should watch this video.