Your Guide to Window and Siding Replacement

At some point, a homeowner will have to replace their home’s exterior features (windows and siding). In the above video, local window and siding contractors believe a combined project is the best course to tackle such an endeavor. However, finances may force a homeowner to separate each replacement need.

1) Combining Window and Siding Replacement is the Right Choice

Replacing the window and siding together will save on the final cost of the project. The contractors will not need to chalk and seal the window openings, trim, and siding joints more than once in the same calendar year.

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Plus, the labor cost will be less as one contractor can complete both tasks without delay.

2) Budget Issues: Choose Window or Siding Replacement

Homeowners on a tight budget will need to choose between replacing the windows or siding. Local window and siding contractors believe replacing the windows is a wise investment. It will lower the home’s utility bill as the level of energy lost from gaps in the window’s frame is removed. The interior becomes more comfortable because of the new insulation.

3) Siding Replacement is Next on the Docket

Yes, window replacement is important, but so is replacing the siding. It helps to prevent further damage to the exterior of the home. Often, contractors may detect rotting in the home’s structure. It is smart to install a moistened barrier along with the siding as both protect the home from weather deterioration.