Best Questions to Ask Your Local Roofers

In a YouTube video titled “Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roofing Contractor,” home improvement coach Ron Hazelton engages in a comprehensive discussion with Eddie Griffin about crucial considerations when hiring local roofers.

The interview covers various topics, starting with the key indicators of when a roof needs replacement and the average lifespan of roofs. Griffin emphasizes the importance of warranty transfers and sheds light on the significance of contractor certification, training, education, and insurance coverage.

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One essential aspect highlighted in the discussion is the variation in shingle quality. Griffin recommends that homeowners inquire about the inclusion of copper additives in shingles to prevent the growth of lichen and algae, contributing to the longevity of the roof.

The video also touches on innovative solutions such as using copper chimneys to prevent staining and algae growth. Additionally, the typical timeframe for completing a roofing job is discussed, ranging from one to two days based on the roof type.

A crucial piece of advice provided is the necessity of researching roofing contractors thoroughly. Griffin suggests reading reviews and contacting previous clients for insights into the contractor’s performance. Platforms like HomeProMatch are recommended for conveniently gathering all relevant information in one place.

In essence, the video serves as a valuable resource for homeowners, offering insightful questions and considerations to ensure they make informed decisions when hiring a roofing contractor.