Your Guide to Iron Window Installation

Metal buildings feature tough components meant to withstand a variety of weather conditions and hold up well in any climate. As this video explains, iron windows and door frames work best in metal buildings. Watch the entire video series to learn the intricacies of installing a metal building.

Wrought iron framing and window bars offer an easy-to-work-with, hearty building material. Iron requires little maintenance, does not rot, and won’t warp.

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These factors make it preferable to wood, even if the initial cost may seem higher.

Besides using iron for framing, iron offers an attractive material for bars and protective decoration on the window’s exterior. Custom iron windows provide an architectural aesthetic and a high level of security. These factors make investing in custom wrought iron windows a smart choice.

Because of iron’s staying power, a homeowner typically won’t need to replace their home’s windows during the life of their home. That can add up to huge since most homeowners have to replace windows at least once during their ownership. Windows start at about $400 each, making their replacement one of the most expensive renovations a homeowner makes to improve safety, security, and energy efficiency. Choosing iron offers a once-and-done option for a home’s windows.