11 Ways on How to Save Money on a New Roof

Like most homemaking activities, roofing consumes many resources and can be off-putting. You may quickly want to postpone repairing or replacing yours, but that, too, comes at a cost. A lousy roof risks your family and paints your house in a bad light.

When faced with the urgent need for a new roof, many people make the mistake of sourcing cheap roofers. This ends badly as a poorly installed roof will require repair sooner or later. So, what do you do when you badly need to replace your roof but have a tight budget? We will discuss how to save money on a new roof below.

1. Do Your Research

One common mistake homeowners make when replacing roofs is rushing the process. This means not carefully considering the resources required and how to save money on a new roof, the labor needed and where to get it, and the available options. You can’t afford to make this mistake, and here’s why.

Different roof replacements have varying needs. The material you’ll choose for the replacement determines the money spent, as does labor. Unless you’re a roofing expert, knowing these things requires research.

Talk to people around you who have sought roofing repairs or replacements at one time or another. They may know the best service provider, saving you lots of money. Asking around also gives you options and saves you from losing money on the first roofer you bump into.

Research continues after asking friends and family. You can also get sufficient information on affordable roofing contractors by checking online. The best roofing services will have good ratings and reviews.

2. Shop Around

Although there’s an expected price margin for roofing products, different shops offer varying prices. While the margin discrepancy may be minimal, buying in bulk makes a huge difference. Compare prices to avoid paying more than the average roofing services charges.

Set aside time, and after settling on the items you need for your roof repair or replacement, visit shops around you. Carry a checklist with you, and write the prices for each shop you visit against the product. The goal is finally settling on the shop with the best offer on all the products you need.

Talk to your local roofer for efficiency. They’ll know how to save money on a new roof and what products you need. Your roofer will also know where to get these products at reasonable prices.

3. Weigh Your Options

Roofing materials, such as metal or slate, come in all types and qualities. These differ in cost, durability, and installation price. It’s a good idea to look for discount and rebate offers.

You may be shopping around for a particular roofing material but can’t find it. Worse still, you can’t afford it. Talk to your residential roofer and find out if local roofing companies have products on sale.

Roofing companies have different discounts, so compare the cost and weigh your options. A wholesale dealer near your area could have just what you need. Try to strike a good bargain and spend less on your roofing materials.

Roofers often quote an estimate based on the profits they want to make. To be safe, ask for several recommendations from other reliable roofing services. Find out how much you would spend installing a new roof if you hired a different contractor. Is it more cost-effective?

Have you thought about filing an insurance claim? You could save up on expenses for your new roof by a huge margin. Find out if you’re eligible for a claim. If your old roof has taken a beating from bad weather, your insurance company can compensate you. That’s less money out of your budget.

4. Consider Putting in Some Work

You don’t have to outsource all your roof replacement services to a residential roofer. Putting in some work yourself gives you the pleasure of contributing to your roof’s integrity. Not all roof services require a professional touch. For example, you can help the roof service provider mix the concrete concoctions instead of fully paying for stucco services.

You might also contribute to mixing points or leveling panels. This reduces the labor requirements and will minimize the number of people you bring to the site. Being actively present gives you valuable insights on how to save money on a new roof.

5. Choose Your Timing Wisely

You may not know it yet, but roofing contractors have peak and off-peak seasons, like any other industry. It’s expected that during summer, when the weather is fair, they’ll be booked to work more than a cold winter season. This applies to some times of the month or year depending on factors like the availability of money around paydays.

As expected, a fully booked calendar shows high demand, and your roofing services provider will want to charge you more. Likewise, they’ll be willing to negotiate their charges in a low season when jobs are scarce. Unless your roof no longer serves its purpose, arrange for a replacement during these low seasons. You can ask people around you what charges they paid during different seasons.

6. Choose Versatility

How to save money on a new roof goes beyond the sheeting material. It comes with many components, sometimes forcing you to engage multiple service providers. At the start, you’ll want to remove your current roof, then bring in the replacement and eventually do some finishing. Doing this in different phases means engaging different people, hence spending more on labor.

This shouldn’t be your case. Explore your options and ensure you hire one that’s all-rounded. You want someone who can remove your old roof, fix your new one, paint it whenever needed, and offer any other service you may need. If you want to install features like a solar panel on your new roof, go to a roofer who offers solar services.

What benefit do you have from getting a versatile residential roofer? They’ll help you budget and purchase all the requirements in one go. This allows you to bargain on a bulk purchase basis. They will know where to purchase items at reasonable prices for every stage of your roof installation. Even better, you can always rely on them for future repairs.

7. Keep it Simple

Your goal is to figure out how to save money on a new roof. Don’t buy roofing material upgrades if you can avoid it. Home and business owners often make this error and pay the price. Upgrades are costly to buy, install and maintain.

Go for simple, cost-effective roofing materials. Discuss options with your roofer if you’re shopping for roof shingles. Asphalt shingles are affordable and classy. Synthetic or ceramic tile is an attractive alternative but won’t meet your budget needs.

Consider the effects of water damage and extreme weather. Roof shingles with a primary shield get the job done but are less effective in the long run. Consider installing ice and water shingles for more extended durability and better heat insulation.

You can always get high-quality roofing materials at a cheaper price. However, you must be careful of roofing materials, like aluminum sheets and patio covers, that wear out quickly. Consult your service provider and credible sources on suitable materials for your new roof.

8. What Type Of Roof?

There’s a good reason why asphalt shingle roofs are popular. It all comes down to the roofing material. Asphalt shingles are affordable and cost-effective as far as roof replacement goes. Asphalt shingle roofing is durable and resistant to damage from water, debris, and rough weather.

The material choices are also uniquely suited to buyer preferences and weather conditions. You’ll get every bit of your money’s worth with frequent maintenance. If you’re considering how to save money on a new roof, an asphalt shingle roof fits the bill.

On the other hand, a metal roof has many advantages but still comes with its challenges. You’ll undoubtedly pay more to replace your metal roofing. Other expenses add to the cost, too, like labor during roof replacement and the choice of material for the metal panels.

Your budget for metal roofing replacement is higher but worth the extra cost. Metal roofs are highly resistant to damage from rough weather and powerful winds. Metal roofing has a long lifespan, so you’ll only have to do a few repairs occasionally.

Metal panels are an ideal choice if you want to invest in energy-efficient roofing material. They redirect heat from the sun and keep your home’s interior cool during summer. You can reduce your energy bills and save up more money yearly.

However, metal roofing replacement is complicated and costly. Check your sources for expert roofers working on metal roofs. Your roofing contractor can help you compare the cost and durability of available materials.

9. Invest in A Quality Roof Deck

A roof deck is crucial to strengthening and preserving your roof’s integrity. It acts as a protective layer underneath your roof installations and prevents moisture from getting through. Investing in a quality roof deck is a smart move when considering how to save money on a new roof.

Not only does your roof deck boost your roof’s longevity, but it also prevents you from spending a fortune on repairs. Plywood is a great roof deck material, but you can also use an OSB board. Remember that your roof’s size and gradient will influence your choice of material. Investing in a good roof deck is an excellent way to make your roof more energy-efficient and spend less on utilities. As air flows through the roofing, your roof deck traps these air pockets and keeps the building’s interior cool in summer.

10. Install a Seamless Gutter System

Once you’ve installed your new roof, you must take extra measures to protect it from damage and avoid frequent repairs. Your choice of gutters thus makes a big difference. Water damage is a significant problem and is precisely why you should install seamless gutters.

Sectional gutters are vulnerable to tears, cracks, and rust. Plus, a sectional gutter system is easily clogged and causes rainwater to damage costly roof installations. If you’ve installed soffit and fascia boards to your new roof, the last thing you need is water stains and long-term water damage.

A clogged gutter system is bad news for your downspouts. The pressure buildup from rainwater with nowhere to flow could easily detach your downspouts. As water gushes out the end, it splashes against the building’s walls and can extensively damage your wall’s coating. Before it worsens, hire an exterior painter to assess the damage, make necessary repairs, and add a protective layer of paint to your new roof.

Seamless gutters may cost you more, but you’ll immediately appreciate the benefits. A seamless gutter system ensures water and debris flow smoothly with minimal chances of clogging. It’s more durable and resistant to damage.

What’s more, a seamless gutter system is customizable. Regardless of your roof type, your roofing contractor can install a custom-built gutter that matches your decorative tastes. On the same note, these gutters will increase the value of your property and can be an answer to how to save money on a new roof.

11. Work With Licensed Roofing Services

Replacing your roof is a big undertaking. Take your time choosing a roofing service. It’s easy to fall prey to unlicensed roofing services.

You may end up paying for a flawed roof replacement. This mistake will undoubtedly frustrate you when considering how to save money on a new roof. Take your time and do background research. Check online for any details validating their services.

An up-to-date website is always an encouraging sign. Review website information and follow-ups like positive client testimonials. A credible roofing service should also be backed up by insurance.

You can take it further and ask for a copy of the license, insurance, and qualifications. Check the extent of the insurance coverage. A good insurance policy ensures your roof is in good hands in case of any damage.

Roofing services with plenty of industry experience are always the right pick. An expert roofing service guarantees you a thorough inspection of your roof. A professional assessment lets you know what else you need, like chimney repair services.

Fortunately, most licensed roofing companies provide you with a full scope of services. After your roof inspection, your chosen service provider must give you a full report of the damages, cost and type of roofing materials, and installation. Licensed roofing services have affordable rates and guarantee your new roof lasts for a long time.

Planning how to save money on a new roof isn’t as hard as it may seem. Before considering replacing your roof or taking a DIY approach, seek professional advice from a trusted roofing service. Let an expert guide you through the challenges and explain why the pros should handle your roofing concerns.