What Roofing Material Is Best for New Homes?

Have you recently been wondering about your roof, and are you looking to have it replaced? You’re not alone. Owners’ most common question is what kind of roof they should get for new homes. In this video, you’ll get some top tips the roofing specialist at Home RenoVision DIY is sharing.

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These days there are many options to choose from when you decide to use metal roofing which is a popular choice. There are also asphalt shingles that are a bit more traditional but still serve a new home well when it comes to the structural integrity of a roof.

Choosing the ideal roof can sometimes be influenced by the design of the roof. For instance, pitched roofs are labor-intensive and could cost more for a roof this type of roof installation compared to flat roofs. When using shingles, you may not have the same waterproofing effect as you would from metal roofs, but there are special covers used on shingles that are slip-proof and waterproof. It helps insulate the roof and fits as an underlay for the roof shingle. Due to the permeable nature of these underlay sheets, they allow the roof to breathe, thus preventing excess moisture build-up.

Metal roofs insulate well and may not work the same with moisture because the metal is not porous thus, it can cause moisture build-up with time.